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"Trumpet of Jericho" Church Reform Award Bylaws Motivation

The International Reform Award “Trumpet of Jericho” is presented for outstanding merits to the promotion of the reform of the catholic church towards a church with future. The Award follows the myth of the Military Order of Maria Theresia. It will be given for acting responsible against an explicite rule of the church in order to achieve a change of outdated church rules and standards. This honour should be given especially to persons who had to face penalties applied by the catholic church leadership in form of career restrictions.

Nomination Procedures

6 months prior to the annual prize awarding ceremony, the representatives of major catholic reform-initiatives will be asked to submit names of candidates for the award. The call for nominations should be also published in appropriate public media.

The nominations are due to the Chairperson of the Laienintiative at least 4 months prior to the Award presentation. All the documents should be sent by E-mail as pdf files.

The nomination must include the following: (1) One nominating letter,
(2) Two supporting letters,
(3) Curriculum vitae.

The nominating letter must contain a description of the work or action done by the nominated person that justifies the nomination.

Selection Procedures

The members of the Reform Award Committee (RAC) will be appointed by the Steering Committee (StC) of the democratically legalized Austrian Catholic Church Reform Groups (Kath.Reform.AT)

We-are-Church AT; Lay Initiative; Priest Initiative; Priests without Charge

and should conisist of persons of public reputation and by representatives of the cooperating reform-initiatives including member(s) of the LI Advisory Board. This RAC will review the dossiers and submit a prioritized list of up to three names to the StC.

The StC will select the award recipient who is usually the first-ranked candidate. Occasionally, more than one nominee may be selected to receive the award in the same year or no Award may be presented.

The Award

The Award consists of a honorarium, the amount of which to be determined by the LI Board, an Award Certificate and a trumpet. The trumpet symbolizes the power of the trumpets of Jericho refering to the respective scene in the bible. The honorarium may be omitted until a sponsor is found who provides the prize money. The sponsorship shall be acknowledged during the prize ceremony.

Award Presentation

The award shall be presented within the frame of a public event, e.g. during the Closing Ceremony of the annual Studientag of the Austrian Reform Initiatives by a Promoter, who should hand over the award. The award recipient will be introduced by a Laudator, an individual fimilar with the recipient’s meritiousness, and given the opportunity to make remarks in acceptance of the award. Normally, the Chairperson of the Award Committee acts as Promoter, but she/he may nominate another appropriate person. The Laudator will be appointed by the Award Committee.

A list of all previous award recipients and a photograph of the most recent award recipient and his/her citation will be posted on the LI Cloud Archive and distributed to appropriate media.

The Certificate contains the text (compare enclosed layout, the originals are high resolution glossy photo-grade prints):

The Board of the Laienintiative (Logo) has appointed Title Given-Name Surname as recepient of the Reform Award of the Laienintiative “Trumpet of Jericho” is presented for outstanding merits to promote the reform of the catholic church towards a church with future.

and may contain a picture that shows the award recepient in a characterizing pose or environment.

Vienna, 2022-01-01